Living Room Furniture

There are many styles of living rooms – modern, minimalistic, contemporary, traditional, vintage, retro, rustic and more. Living rooms have many purposes, for some they serve as the main gathering room for family, for others a formal reception area for guests.

What ever the  purpose, living room furniture should be comfortable and should be arranged to allow traffic to flow easily.  Placing furniture pieces close together offers a more intimate and personal setting.

Seating options such as benches, ottomans, sofas and chairs are should be considered carefully, you don’t want to get something too big or too small. Living room tables are usually the center of conversation areas while side tables complement the seating options and provide places to set down drinks and snacks.

Shelves and cabinets can be used for storage or to showcase what is important to the inhabitants. Living room decor is also important as it sets the mood for the room.

In many homes, entertainment centers and TV stands may be the center pieces of the living room.

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Showing 1–12 of 21 results